Curriculum Vitae

Hyukjoon Kwon


  • March 2010 ~ August 2012 : Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea
    Laboratory: Computer Vision Lab.
    Major: Information and Communication Engineering, GPA 4.2/4.5
  • March 2002 ~ August 2009 : Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, South Korea
    Major: Computer Science and Engineering, GPA 4.3/4.5

Work Experiences

  • December 2020 ~ Current : ?
  • September 2016 ~ December 2020 : Alchera Inc.
  • September 2016 ~ September 2016 : Rear View Camera Project, Assistant Research Engineer, Software Development team, R&D Center, LG Innotek
    Vertical object detection algorithm based on IPM(Inverse perspective mapping)
    Effective image coordinate for object detection modifying IPM
  • August 2015 ~ August 2016 : Rear View Camera Project, Assistant Research Engineer, Software Development team, R&D Center, LG Innotek
    Optical Flow based object detection for RCTA(Rear Cross Traffic Alert) in moving camera
    Object tracking using Kalman filter
    Algorithm for Moving Object Detection and distance estimation.
  • June 2014 ~ July 2015: Auto Ref/Keratometer Project,  Assistant Research Engineer, Software team, Huvitz
    Meibography algorithm for detecting and enhancing meibomian gland
    Implements several functions including WiFi communication based on AM1808.
  • April 2012 ~ July 2015 :  Optical Coherence Tomography Project, Assistant Research Engineer, Software team, Huvitz
    Overall Signal Processing to make tomography image from light-source based on C++
    with MFC and CUDA.
    Algorithms for dealing with eye movements and determine dynamic range, etc.
  • January 2011 ~ August 2013 :  Protein Cyclization Project, Assistant Researcher, Korea University Nano and Artificial Biotechnology Lab
    Apply and implement algorithms using C++ based on Protein Database (PDB) file.
    Finds partial match of protein, builds the database.
    Deploy online web service to provide above functions.
  • December 2010 ~ August 2012 :  Intelligent 3D dental diagnostic imaging system using CBCT Project, Assistant Researcher, Sungkyunkwan University Computer Vision Lab with Genoray
    Metal Artifact Reduction in X-ray CT Image
  • December 2007 ~ December 2010 :  Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea, Trainee, Computational Science Center, Future Fusion Technology Laboratory
    Administration of Linux Cluster Supercomputer
    Administration of Storages (IBM Fast700 Series) – Backup and Recovery

Computer Skills


  • Familiar with Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision area
  • Understand and implement research paper
  • Experienced in ;
    - Segmentation, Super-pixel, Stereo Vision, Volume Rendering, Gaussian Processing
  • Interest in ;
    - Graph based methods (MRF/CRF), Compressed sensing, Deep Learning, Kalman Filter
  • Implement with OpenCV, Python, MATLAB, CUDA, Caffe, C/C++ without libraries

Programming Language

  • C/C++, Python, Java, MATLAB, PHP, SQL
  • CUDA, MFC, QT libraries

Software engineering

  • Experienced in OOP, Design Pattern, Unit testing (googletest, CUnit)
  • Software version management(Subversion, Git)


  • Windows Server (2000/2003)
  • Linux – Red Hat-based Distribution Linux
  • Apache web server, Shell Programming


  • Knowledge of Web Standards, DOM
  • Database: MSSQL, MySQL


  • MS Office


  • Korean : mother tongue
  • English : Conversational

Military Service

  • March 2005 ~ March 2007 :  Association of Comprehensive Administration School in Army, South Korea, Developer, Development Office of Computer Based Training

Personal interests

  • Reading books and engineering paper, photography, blood donation, and coffee.